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A vital part of New York and American heritage is the historic Erie Canal. Completed in 1825 and covering over 350 miles, the Erie Canal was the longest artificial waterway in North America and the second-longest in the world at the time.

Simplifying travel and transportation across the state, this landmark is credited with creating an industrial boom across New York state. Today, the Erie Canal remains a vital part of history and recreation in the Montgomery County community.

What was once referred to by skeptics as “Clinton’s Big Ditch” in reference to then-Governor Dewitt Clinton enjoyed great success that spurred an expansion in 1918. That formed the Erie Canal as we know it today. Montgomery County residents and tourists still flock to the iconic Erie Canal and its trails to venture down the path of history. There are roughly 15 miles of multi-purpose trailways running through the county, where historical adventures and natural beauty await all ages.

Take a brief sunrise stroll along the river’s edge, or make an entire day of it. Off-trail adventures in Amsterdam lead to even more historical sites, like the Walter Elwood Museum. Stop and take in the beauty of nature and history at one of Montgomery County’s seven locks along the Erie Canal. For a new perspective from 511 feet above the river, check out the Mohawk Valley Gateway Overlook on your walk.

Ride down the Erie Canalway Trail bikeway and discover the Arkell Museum or scenic waterfalls at Canajoharie Gorge. If you’re up for a challenge, pedal five miles east of Fonda to the Schoharie Crossing State Historic Site, a landmark not to be missed. While you’re there, partake in a guided tour through the historic site, check out the Schoharie Aqueduct remains or ride to the Putman Lock Stand at Yankee Hill.

If you’d rather make a splash, grab your kayak, canoe or paddleboard and coast through the Mohawk River or Schoharie Creek in Montgomery County. No permits are required to experience the historic waters first-hand and envision the journey that barges once took across New York state.

Visitors and residents of Montgomery County will find countless adventures waiting along the Erie Canal. Uncover the stories and monuments rooted deep in Amsterdam, Fonda, Canajoharie, Fort Plain and St. Johnsville. You can become an active part of history by walking, biking or paddling down the iconic canal.

Explore Montgomery County on Snowmobiles

With its pristine snow-covered landscapes and well-maintained trails, Montgomery County is the perfect destination for snowmobile enthusiasts of all levels. Our county is a haven for snowmobilers, boasting extensive trails and snow-covered landscapes that provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable winter adventure. Whether you’re seeking thrilling adventures or a peaceful ride through picturesque terrain, our county offers it all.

The Forest Preserve Users Snowmobile Club (opens in a new tab) has over 200 dedicated members today. It oversees a remarkable network of over 100 miles of meticulously groomed Class A trails and a nearly equal stretch of secondary trails, spanning five townships in western Montgomery County.

The Charlton Snowmobile Club (opens in a new tab) takes pride in maintaining Class A trails within the county. Their  dedicated club members generously volunteer their time to ensure the upkeep of these trails to provide top-notch snowmobiling experiences.

The Frontier Sno Riders (opens in a new tab) is a non-profit snowmobile club that has over 480 members. They maintain more than 85 miles of trails in four counties.

The Ful-Mont Snow Travelers (opens in a new tab) club takes care of an extensive 80-mile network of groomed snowmobile trails spanning two counties. They are committed to providing exceptional snowmobiling experiences in the region.

The Town of Florida Snowmobile Club (opens in a new tab) is a dedicated group of passionate snowmobilers, and they meticulously maintain 49 miles of State-funded trails spanning the Towns of Florida, Pattersonville, and Glen, in addition to approximately 10 miles of non-funded trails.

Visit the New York State Snowmobile Association map (opens in a new tab) to discover more trails.

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