The Landis Arboretum is one of only three arboreta in eastern North America with old-growth forests – and Landis has two. Straddling Schoharie and Montgomery counties, Landis has trees and shrubs from around the world and noteworthy native collections, a nationally recognized collection of oaks of the Northeast, the charming Van Loveland perennial gardens and 8 miles of hiking/walking trails and wetlands.

The grounds are open daily from dawn until dusk. Suggested donation $5 per person, $15 per family

Arboretum founder Fred Lape began developing the Arboretum in the 1950s on Oak Nose Farm, his family homestead. With the support of a bequest from friend and colleague George Landis, Fred strove to grow every species of woody plant from temperate regions around the world that would survive in the hills of Schoharie County.
Forty acres of the Arboretum are developed with plantings of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials. A seasonal favorite of our visitors is the Van Loveland Perennial Garden at the old Farmhouse. The remainder of the property consists of natural areas, woodlands, open fields, wetlands, and more than 14 miles of trails. Horticultural features include a labeled collection of nearly all the trees, shrubs, and vines native to New York State, as well as collections of notable trees, flowering ornamental trees and shrubs, conifers and oaks, and “tough trees for tough sites.” Two old growth forests and additional natural areas representing various stages of succession can be found at the Arboretum. Landis has recently been inducted in the Old Growth Forest Network.
Interpretive signage, including QR codes and plaques, aids visitors in their enjoyment and understanding of the collections and ecosystems of the Arboretum. Come for the day or a few hours.