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Walter Elwood Museum Announces Grant Donation from Amsterdam Center for Teens (Act IV) Inc.

Walter Elwood Museum
©Mitch Wojnarowicz

The Walter Elwood Museum (opens in a new tab) Board of Trustees and staff are proud to announce a very generous grant donation of over $10,000 from Amsterdam Center for Teens (ACT IV) Inc. to benefit the students of the Greater Amsterdam School District.

Ann Peconie, Executive Director of the Museum is extremely grateful to the ACT IV Board of Directors; including Howard M. Aison, President, John G. Putman, and Margaret H. Aison for their support in the programming and educational goals of the Walter Elwood Museum to provide FREE quality programs for students and families in our area. This grant demonstrates to the Museum Board, Staff and membership that the former Amsterdam Center for Teens (ACT IV) Board of Directors see the Walter Elwood Museum as a time-honored educational and historical organization with essential value in our community in teaching our young residents about its vibrant past. This contribution will help keep our Museum active and open to the people of our community for years to come.