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Montgomery County Foliage Report: Week of September 30-October 6

I LOVE NY started the “New York Fall Foliage Report” on September 9 and continue until the end of the foliage season, around the first or second week in November.  Montgomery County has started its own annual report this year as well. sand flats apples

Reporting station: Amsterdam

Percent of trees predicted to have changed by the coming weekend: 40%

Brilliance: Average

Predominating colors: Greenish-Yellow, Red, Orange

Rating: Midpoint

The color change has progressed since last week. There is still a lot of leave coverage and we are close to the midpoint of foliage the change. More reds and oranges are starting to come through and the color is beautiful on a sunny day. The Mohawk Valley views will be spotted with color over the next couple of weeks.

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