Wrong Direction Farm raises grass-fed cattle and pastured poultry. We sell our family farmed meat direct to customers throughout NY, NJ, New England, and Eastern PA.

Real food, direct from our farm to your family.

Our name is an homage to Wendell Berry’s poem “The Mad-Farmer Liberation Front” which praises farming with a streak of contrariness.  Our farm has always been moving in a different direction, some would say a Wrong Direction.  We don’t want to engage in a headlong pursuit of bigness and blandness.  Success isn’t measured strictly by quarterly earnings. Our purpose is to practice an agriculture that promotes human worth, that respects the nature of the animals we raise, and that restores our environment rather than exploiting it.

We are grateful to everyone who has so enthusiastically supported this vision of farming as it developed. We are pleased to know that you too express your confidence in the food we provide by serving it at your table and by sharing it with those who are close to you. By our choices we each can participate in creating the world we want. Thank you for choosing Wrong Direction Farm.

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