The Walter Elwood Museum of the Mohawk Valley (formally the Mohawk Valley Heritage Association or MVHA) was formed in 1981 to protect a small, school-owned museum. Due to budgetary difficulties, the school district had had to give up staffing the museum and turned over management of the collections to our group. The collections include an extensive assortment of approximately 25,000 artifacts encompassing: multicultural, Victorian, natural history and items that relate to Mohawk Valley’s colorful industrial past (documentary, photographic and tangible).

Since its inception, the museum has served to link school curriculum to the dynamic richness of our common cultural and historic heritage and has functioned as an intellectual and artistic center for Amsterdam and the Mohawk Valley. We offer interactive learning environments, educational classes and a spectrum of cultural events. We also feature various new exhibits, guest lecturers and summer and vacation enrichment classes in science, math, art, literature and natural history.
Museum hours:
Monday through Friday: 9am to 4pm
Saturday (through Labor Day) 12pm to 4pm
Evenings and weekends by appointment
Admission: Adults $3.00, Seniors $2.00 and Children 12 and under: FREE.