The Newest Lanzi Family Establishment Serving Old School Italian Family Recipes With A Modern Twist Influenced By Their Fourth Generation !

Lorenzo’s is a certified Neapolitan Pizzeria through the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (A.P.N.). The Lanzi Family trained with famed Pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio (President, APN) in New York City & Italian World Pizza Champion from Naples, Italy: Michele D’Amelio. Lorenzo’s twelve inch personal pizzas are crafted with the combination of authentic ingredients and methods used in the 300 year old art of Neapolitan pizza-making. Our homemade dough is created using preservative-free imported Italian flour. Our Pizzaioli use traditional Neapolitan techniques to gently press and stretch the dough on a stone surface to form a light, airy crust. The pizzas are baked in our imported Valoriani wood-burning Italian oven at a blistering 900°F + for 60-90 seconds, creating signature charred “leopard spots” with a crisp, yet soft raised crust—hallmarks of Neapolitan pizza. Premium ingredients are featured on all of our pizzas, including fresh mozzarella, imported mozzarella di Bufala and other italian cheeses, sauce made from imported San Marzano tomatoes, imported extra virgin olive oil, fresh herbs and local seasonal vegetables when available. Our pizza will not be available for takeout, because Neapolitan Pizza does not travel well & is meant to be enjoyed hot—directly when it comes out of the oven in our restaurant. Our pizza will only be cut into 4 (if you prefer to eat the pizza the traditional Neapolitan way– we will not cut the pizza & you can use your fork and knife). Due to the pandemic & all of the unprecedented happenings in the restaurant industry, our pizzaioli: Giuseppi, Gaetano & Giacamo Lanzi will only be available to provide our authentic Neapolitan Pizza on Thursday Nights in the summer for dine in only—after the summer is over we will have our Neapolitan Pizza more readily available. We kindly ask for no substitutions or additions further than the menu states. Buon Appetito!