Creek’s Edge Elk Farm raises and sells elk, a delicious, naturally low fat meat. We sell individual cuts by the pound at our on-farm store.

 Crum Creek CSA is the collaborative effort of Israel and Stacy Handy of Handy Hills Farm and Susan Keith of Creek’s Edge. Both of small, family farms, working together to give you a wide selection of locally raised, high quality, healthy meats. We offer a variety of economical options such as 6 month shares, 20lb bundles and bulk orders.

As farmers we don’t need to worry about what is in our meat or how our animals were raised or what they were fed; we are blessed to be able to raise our own animals for meat. We realize that not everyone is able to raise a steer or pig in their backyard and we would like to pass on the peace of mind and security that we enjoy, in short we would like to farm for you.

We raise our animals with the strong belief that healthy, well cared for animals produce healthy, great tasting meat.

Hours of operation: By chance or appointment- due to the demands of farming we don’t have actual hours, please call and tell us when you are coming and we will make a point to be available. You are welcome to take a chance and stop in, but it’s possible you’ll miss us if we are in the field.