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Schoharie Crossing Annual Winter Writing Contest

Schoharie Crossing writing emblemSchoharie Crossing State Historic Site is once again conducting a Winter Writing Contest.  This year the contest is asking for poems to be written by children as well as adults. Local judges will read, review and select winners for each of the three categories: Child (up to 12 years old), Young Adult (13-17), and Adult (18 and up). 

Traveling on the canal was always quite the experience.  It could often be difficult and dangerous or it could also be a way to a better life.  That diversity of experiences from Albany to Buffalo along the artificial river meant that each person had a unique story to tell.  For this year’s contest, the site is asking that submissions of poems that express your own interpretation of a travelers experience on the Erie Canal be sent in no later than 5pm on April 6th.

Each poem should demonstrate an understanding of the social, economic and engineering systems that were part of traveling across New York State on the Erie Canal.  Your poem could be set during any era of canal travel, from the 1820’s up until today.

Prizes this year are $100 each for the Adult category, Young Adult and the child category.  Submissions may be sent via mail to Schoharie Crossing Writing Contest, P.O. Box 140, Fort Hunter, NY 12069, or electronically to:

For contest topics, rules and guidelines or other information, please contact the site or find us on Facebook.  (518) 829-7516.